Nav4All 9.0.25

Free satellite navigation on your Android phone


  • Covers lots of countries
  • Includes many points of interest
  • Can display routes in Google Maps
  • Voice instructions in a range of languages


  • No satellite map view
  • Data charges can be expensive if roaming


Nav4All offers maps and routes from across the planet, covering North America, Europe, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, and soon, China.

Nav4All may be free but fortunately it doesn't skimp on features, and offers a comprehensive way to find your way around and stay out of trouble on the roads.

You can use Nav4All to plot a route from A to B, entering a specific address or browsing for a business or point of interest from within the application. The program shows the resulting route in the form of a clear zoomable map (no satellite view though, unfortunately). If this map is a bit basic for you, Nav4All allows you to view the same data in Google Maps.

Once you've started your journey, Nav4All tracks your position as you drive along, displaying large on-screen instructions indicating when and where to make the next turn. Voice instructions are supported, and you'll find a wide selection of male and female voices, in a range of languages, available to download and install into Nav4All.

Ironically, the amount of menus, options and settings in Nav4All means it takes a little while to find your way around the program. However, the interface itself is clear and touch-friendly and zooming in and out of maps is not a problem.

You should bear in mind that Nav4All uses your data connection to retrieve routes and maps, so be sure to check your roaming rates if you plan to use the program abroad, or you could be in for a nasty shock when your phone bill comes through.

Nav4All will transform your phone into a useful and dependable sat nav solution. We still can't believe it's free!



Nav4All 9.0.25

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